Blake Shelton makes it into the 2014 Sand Sculpting World Cup

Well look who's made it to the big leagues of sand sculpting. 

Blake Shelton has been sculpted in sand for the 2014 DO AC Sand Sculpting World Cup competition on the beach in Atlantic City. One fan tweeted this picture of Blake's sandy fame. 

Blake is playing a free concert on the beach in Atlantic City on July 31, which probably explains why he got the unusual honor. 


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Kristian Bush gearing up for summer Put Your Soul In It Tour stops

Kristian bush

Kristian Bush is doing just fine on his own, thank you very much. 

Kristian is currently gearing up for the summer run of his 2014 Put Your Soul In It Tour. Joining Bush on select tour stops will be wild-haired rock goddess and singer/songwriter Michelle Malone. The award-winning guitarist is the newest addition to his five-piece touring band. 

“I am honored and thrilled to play with Michelle,” says Bush. “To me, her voice and guitar are the music of Atlanta. I have been learning from her for years, and now it’s exciting to be learning right next to her." 


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All three American Idol judges coming back next season

American Idol

Recently there was a rumor going around that American Idol bosses were trying to convince Simon Cowell to come back to the show to help boost ratings. 

Well Simon must have been busy because it's been announced that Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick, Jr., and Ryan Seacrest's jobs are all safe for another year and the group will be back for the next season of American Idol.


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Willie Nelson hasn’t been to Colorado since they legalized pot, plans on releasing another new album this fall

Willie By Lana Nelson

When Washington and Colorado legalized marijuana I figured Willie Nelson would have been investing in property in both states. 

Turns out he hasn't even been to Colorado since the state legalized pot back in 2013.

Willie recently did an interview with Celeb Stoner and told the website that he's been asked to do a PSA about marijuana by the state's governor, but hasn't actually been to the state since they legalized one of his favorite past times. 


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