Jamey Johnson’s apparently become Randy Travis’ horse caretaker

Jamey Johnson FacebookPhoto: Facebook

Jamey Johnson is one of those guys I desperately wish would release some new music. Unfortunately, apart from his 2012 album Living For A Song: A Tribute To Hank Cochran, the bearded one has been pretty quiet. 

Oh sure, he's still playing loads of shows, but there doesn't seem to be any sign of new music to come. 

So what has Jamey been up to all this time besides playing lots of shows? Well apparently he's been working hard at watching videos about training horses.

Turns out that after Randy Travis' major health issues last year, Jamey promised that he'd take care of his horses for him. 


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MLB teams play a little Taylor Swift lyric tag

Something happened on Monday that seems to prove that the people who run the Twitter accounts of professional baseball organizations either have a lot of time on their hands or are possibly drunk. 

Either way this is pretty entertaining. 

It all started out with the Major League Baseball's (MLB) Twitter account posting a picture of two gloves with the caption It's a glove story – an obvious play on a lyric from Taylor Swift's song Love Story

Cute. But then some pro baseball teams joined in and it was suddenly a Taylor Swift Love Story lyric free for all …  


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