Randy Houser asks judge to keep wife away from his vacation

Jessa and randyPhoto: Twitter 

And let the bickering begin.

Earlier I reported that Randy Houser and his wife, Jessa Lee, had filed for divorce after a little over two years of marriage. A couple of hours later and now TMZ has an interesting, not to mention kind of comical in a sad sort of way, note to add. 

It seems Randy is needing a vacation but there's one hitch … Jessa also wants to go. Apparently the couple had the vacation planned before the divorce and now neither one wants to give up the chance to get away. 

Country singer Randy Houser so desperately needs a break from his wife … he's asking a judge for a restraining order … to block her from going on VACATION with him.

Randy filed in March to divorce Jessa Lee Yantz. The country star groused to the judge this month, he and Jessa had planned a Bahamas vacation before the split.  Jessa is still insisting to go, saying that her friends are already going on the trip, but Randy wants to go ALONE … for obvious reasons.

Randy is now asking the judge to order Jessa not to interfere with his R&R … and to stay clear of the beach villa that he's renting this summer.

While divorce is generally always sad, when couples start fighting over petty things (like vacations) it tends to get a bit laughable. I just hope with a child between them they keep the arguing in the courtroom and don't let it disrupt their son's life anymore than need be.