‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 21 – RECAP


With the Nashville season 2 finale airing tomorrow night, and fans in high spirits after the renewal announcement (with a full 22 episodes!), it’s about time we muse on this rather sweet penultimate episode that aired last week.

Rayna begins the episode by having a conference meeting with radio promoters, as her album release is coming up. She’s cut short, however, when Bucky informs her that when out on a tour of Afghanistan to perform for the troops, Luke has been injured and rushed back home to the hospital. Rayna flies to New York City to see him, and luckily he’s not seriously injured, although the make-up people did a pretty good job of making his face look weirdly cut and swollen. You made Luke a creepy invalid, well done guys! He’s gutted that he never got to perform for the troops, so Rayna suggests they go to Fort Campbell just outside of Nashville and they can all perform. Following a few arguments where he’s been pissy, she asks him why he’s pushing her away, and he admits that when the bomb went off, all he thought about was her and his kids, and he loves her far more than he believes she loves him. However, Rayna tells him she’s all in, but to complete the episode she performs ‘A Life That’s Good’ with her daughters, with Maddie persuading her to invite Deacon out as well. 

During Rayna’s brief leaving town, Maddie has gone to stay with Deacon alone much to Teddy’s reluctance. She begins asking him questions, including about where he was when she was born. He tells her he was out on the road, but later a confession to AA reveals that he has no idea, he was so drunk that he simply cannot remember, and this breaks his heart. He realizes truly why Rayna kept his daughter from him all these years, and tells her so at the Fort Campbell show, making her emotional. He then goes to Teddy and asks him to tell him about the night that Maddie was born, which is another lovely moment.

Juliette meanwhile is being stalked by Jeff, much to her dismay, who wants to re-sign her and continue their affair. She’s mortified at what she’s done, and tries to avoid Avery, who at the same time is trying to apologize, and doesn’t understand why Juliette is still pushing him away, thinking she’s still mad at him. She swears that everything is fine, but Jeff threatens to tell Avery of her straying if she doesn’t comply with what he wants. We also finally find out what happened to her father in this episode, as we see her turn up to the show at Fort Campbell and explain that he was a pilot, but was killed in a training accident when she was 4. Luke initially doesn’t want Juliette to perform and tells her so, but makes amends when he realizes that this actually means a lot to her. They perform ‘Don’t Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet’ together.

Gunnar isn’t sure what to do, because after seeing that Juliette had slept with Jeff he doesn’t know whether to tell Avery or not, particularly as Juliette has asked to write with him. He talks to Zoey and they agree they should tell him, but she deftly interrupts when he goes to, changing her mind, and also informing them both that she’s been accepted to be a backing vocalist on Juliette’s tour. Will and Layla are trying to film their reality show, and though things are going well at first, the pressure gets to Will and he decides he doesn’t want to do it anymore. He goes to let off stream at the gym and is approached by a fitness trainer who gives him his card. When things with Layla are going sour, he decides to call up that trainer for a booty call. Scarlett has gone back to waitressing because she’s looking for something to do with herself, but after some patrons note that it’s a shame she’s giving up on music, she decides to go back in and do something for herself.