To see the real Laura Bell Bundy just check out her new video for ‘That’s What Angels Do’

Most people know Laura Bell Bundy as the singer who loves the kitschy, over-the-top songs such as Giddy On Up, Two Step, and Kentucky Dirty, but what a lot of people don't seem to realize about the former Broadway cutie is that she's also a great singer who has a whole lot of more in depth, legit songs that really should be on the radio. 
Her first album Achin' And Shakin' is still one of my favorites that I play all the time and I was actually personally sad when it didn't get more recognition than it did. 
Well here's the new video for another of her more serious, very lovely songs called That's What Angels Do that will unfortunately go unnoticed in this world of Taylor Swift, Florida Georgia Line, and Luke Bryan. 

I'm honest to goodness saddened that the songs that people make fun of LBB for are the only ones that anyone ever gets the chance to hear. 
Laura Bell Bundy's former label scrapped her sophomore album "Another Piece of Me" and she then moved on and signed with Big Machine Records. Big Machine has basically done nothing with her (at least from what I can tell) since then. Laura is currently starring on Charlie Sheen's T.V. show so maybe it's been her decision to lay low in music at the moment, but I have a feeling that's not how it is. 
Vickye wrote a piece about Laura Bell in the past giving reasons why the singer will never make it in country music. Unfortunately, I think she's probably right, but I think it's more a matter of marketing and song choice rather than talent. The girl is a talented writer and singer, but the only recognition she ever gets is for the songs that people make fun of her for. She has plenty of heartfelt, beautiful songs in her pocket, but those aren't the ones that ever get pushed, sold, and marketed. Instead it's songs like Two Step with Colt Ford and Kentucky Dirty that get sent out to the media. 
Unfortunately, because most people haven't had the chance to see Laura in a more serious light, no one will ever take her seriously. And that's really an injustice in my book.