Kenny Rogers gives Not Kenny Rogers some Twitter love

Kenny RogersTwitter 

There's not much I love more in this world than when a famous person with a great sense of humor. 

Okay fine, I love my family, my dogs, and maybe pizza more, but who's really keeping track anyway? 

So yesterday, the always amazing Kenny Rogers had his very first twitterview (an interview on Twitter) with Jessica from It was a quickie interview as Rogers was at the airport waiting for his flight, but he still had time to do one awesome act before ending the interview. 

The man who runs the funny Not Kenny Rogers parody Twitter account had one request … a thumbs up picture from Kenny to replace the old 70s/80s era pic he had up as his Twitter pic. 

Guess what Kenny did. 

Yep! Kenny sent him a special thumbs-up pic because Kenny is da-man. 

Love this man so much!