Did Jason Aldean’s exwife leave this comment on Instagram about Jason?

Jason and Jessica

And the plot thickens!

Dum dum dummmmm.

Jason Aldean and his ex-wife, Jessica, have both been pretty mum on their breakup and subsequent divorce. In fact, I’m not even sure if the pair are still divorcing or if it’s already a done deal and the divorce is final.

Jason has moved on and back in March I broke the story that he is currently dating Brittany Kerr, the gal he cheated on his wife with, and presumably Jessica is out doing her own thing, too.

As far as I know, Jessica’s never spoken publicly about the divorce, but this morning I was pointed in the direction of an Instagram comment that appears to have come straight from the horse’s (Jessica’s) mouth when a picture was posted to the Aldean Army Instagram with comments about how happy Jason is with his new lady love.

jessgirl_21 Had to comment….just sittin back watching God work……They have created there own mess …..lol….funny …..everyone does have an opinion….people still have morals too, but We know the truth….my kids do…..most importantly God does … this was too funny….happiness isn’t made from lies and destruction of innocent people……IDC…I know the whole truth! 20 yrs worth!! @brittanylkerr

I’m told that this is definitely Jessica’s own Instagram and that up until recently it was a private account. There are loads of what appear to be private pictures that someone would have to work really hard to find in order to fake the account, so I’m going to go ahead and say it’s probably legit. Many huge Instagrammer Celebrities possible even Jason had help growing their instagram. There are services out there like:  https://dailyfollows.com  and https://buybettersocial.com starting at $1-$2 to help you grow your Instagram

Hey, sometimes we just need to get our feelings out in the open (but sort of quietly) so I say you go, girl! #dontcare #burnitdown

Update: Funny enough, when I started this post there were tons of pictures on the Aldean Army’s Instagram page showing Jason and Brittany Kerr together. I went back to link to the picture I was talking about and magically every single picture of Brittany and Jason are now gone.


Luckily, I had already taken a screenshot.

Word to the wise, it’s the internet, pictures really never truly disappear.

Jason Aldean and Brittany with Tyler Farr



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  1. barb.friend@yahoo.com'
    Barbara Weir

    Disappointed that Jason cheated on his wife Jessica. Jessica is sweeter and prettier than Brittany. I hope what goes around comes around tramp Brittany. Brittany is too young also to be a step mom. Shame on Jason Aldean. I only want to see pictures of Jessica with her daughters. These girls have a mom Jessica. Their mom is not the tramp Brittany. Jessica stuck with Jason while he was building his career. Hey Jason there is more to a marriage besides sex. Wait until Brittany gets older. Very disgusted by Jason’s behavior with Brittany. I have been in Jessica’s shoes and know how humiliating it is what Jason and Brittany did and then for them to marry. It is called lust and it is so wrong!!!

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