Did Jason Aldean defend his girlfriend on social media?

Brittany and JasonI’ve always figured that Jason Aldean didn’t pay any attention to the online world and was too busy being a star to give a sh*t about what people had to say about him or those in his life. 

Well apparently I’ve been wrong. 

This morning I was sent these two screen captures of what appears to be Jason Aldean telling off someone who attacked his girlfriend, Brittany Kerr, on Instagram. 

In the first screen capture, you can see that Jason’s current flame, Brittany, had written that she had just finished up a makeup course. One person brought up Jason’s 11-year-old daughter and how Brittany should be ashamed of herself. 

Did Jason Aldean’s exwife leave this comment on Instagram about Jason?

That commenter, bitches_be_hating88, probably didn’t expect to get a response from Jason Aldean himself, but it looks like that’s just what she got when she checked her direct messages.  

“Mind ur business my man. Worry about ur world and let me worry about mine,” a DM appearing to originate from Jason’s account said.

The Instagram address in the photo on the right is in fact Jason’s Instagram account, but of course it’s always a possibility that the photo could be Photoshopped or it could have been someone else messaging using Jason’s account since anything is possible, but I doubt it. 

Funny how people seem to let their guard down on Instagram these days.   

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