On this Memorial Day weekend, can you help?

Grandpa and grandma


Hey everyone. This is a bit unusual, so please bear with me. 

Last week the patriarch of my family, Russell Browning, passed away. My grandfather was a good man who worked hard all his life, much of it as a welder, to provide for his family. With a lifelong addiction to building badass cars, a penchant for funny baseball caps and t-shirts, and the love of many a colorful joke, he meant the world to us and to say that we are all going to miss the Navy veteran is an understatement. 

That said, my grandparents lived on social security, like so many in this country, and funeral costs are going to be hard for my grandmother to manage. We've all chipped in, but if you've planned a funeral recently I'm sure you're aware of how expensive it can be. My cousin started a GoFund me page to see if faraway family and friends might be willing to help (the power of Facebook can be awesome), but I thought I would try and help out by giving the page a much more public outlet. I just don't want my grandmother's last memory of her husband of 59 years to be a funeral bill. 

The goal is to raise $5000, but I'm sure if more was raised it would go towards hospital bills since I'm pretty sure there are a lot of those also. 

If you would like to help with $5, $10, or whatever, you can visit http://www.gofundme.com/9g904o to do so and we will all be eternally grateful.

If you are a business owner and would like to help out, please make sure and mention your business name on the donation page. Come back and let me know that you donated and I will give you a month of free advertising. Just email me at Shannon@NashvilleGab.com along with your logo and I will place your ad immediately. The amount you donate doesn't matter, I'm grateful no matter what the dollar amount. 

Thank you for reading this.