‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 20 – RECAP


Episode 20, which returned after nearly a month of the show being off-air, showed most explicitly the aftermath of Scarlett having a breakdown on stage. Rushed off stage by Avery and whisked back home by Juliette (who is terrified about what the press will say, of course), the heavily sedated Scarlett is surrounded by people trying to help her, but who are all deeply affected by what has happened. Beverly, distraught, is trying to take over; Deacon pushes her away and Rayna takes control, the latter pair fighting through the stress, blaming each other. When Scarlett wakes up she has a panic attack because she believes her mother has had her condemned, and she runs out screaming and shaking, with only Rayna able to console her. She is angry, moody, snappy when in the hospital, refusing to believe she had anything more than a hiccup on stage, before being shocked after watching the video. 


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