College baseball player sings some Blake Shelton and Florida Georgia Line on his way to jail

Florida Georgia Line

Hey, just because you're dumb enough to get behind the wheel and drive drunk doesn't mean that you can't at least have good taste in music while you're being a total dumbass.  

Zach Sims, a 19-year-old baseball player for the University of Georgia, was arrested recently after getting pulled over, failing a field sobriety test, and then blowing a .212 on the breathalyzer. 

Apparently the arrest didn't bother Sims too much because, according to police, while heading to jail in the back of the squad car, the teen asked the cop to turn on a local country radio station. 

Funny enough, the officer obliged and according to the police report, "Sims sang along with the radio during the entire transport."

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Just in case you're curious, according to TMZ, Sims' drunken cop car karaoke consisted of Blake Shelton's All About Tonight and This Is How We Roll by Florida Georgia Line.

Funny that a drunken college student on his way to jail has more control of the radio than I have on any given day while I drive my kids to and from school.