We’ve all been there … Miranda Lambert left hanging by George Strait

Miranda Lambert George Strait

Sometimes the best part of an award show isn't what's happening on stage. 

Like this awkward moment when Miranda Lambert tried to high-five George Strait after he won Entertainer of the Year at Sunday night's ACM Awards only to be left hanging. 

Yeah, we've all had those awkward moments. And no, I don't think George was ignoring Miranda like some sites have said, I think he was just in the zone and not really paying attention. 

You can check out the video here in case the GIF doesn't work for you. 

In other Miranda Lambert news, the singer has released the tracklisting for her new album Platinum (out June 3). 

Miranda Lambert designs a new line of shoes

1. Girls – Nicolle Galyon/Natalie Hemby/Jimmy Robbins

2. Platinum – Miranda Lambert/Nicolle Galyon/Natalie Hemby 

3. Little Red Wagon – Audra Mae/Joe Ginsberg

4. Smokin' and Drinkin' (feat. Little Big Town) – Natalie Hemby/Luke Laird/Shane McAnally 

5. Priscilla – Nicolle Galyon/Natalie Hemby/Jimmy Robbins 

6. Automatic – Miranda Lambert/Nicolle Galyon/Natalie Hemby

7. Bathroom Sink – Miranda Lambert 

8. Old Sh!t – Brent Cobb/Neil Mason

9. All That's Left (feat. The Time Jumpers) – Dixie Hall/Tom T. Hall

10. Gravity Is a B**ch – Miranda Lambert/Scotty Wray 

11. Babies Makin' Babies – Nicolle Galyon/Natalie Hemby/Jimmy Robbins 

12. Somethin' Bad (duet with Carrie Underwood) – Chris DeStefano/Brett James/Priscilla Renea 

13. Holding On to You – Miranda Lambert/Jessi Alexander/Ashley Monroe

14. Two Rings Shy – Miranda Lambert/Brandy Clark/Heather Little 

15. Hard Staying Sober – Miranda Lambert/Natalie Hemby/Luke Laird 

16. Another Sunday in the South – Miranda Lambert/Jessi Alexander/Ashley Monroe