Reba McEntire sued by AEG and injured employee

RebaPhoto: Twitter 

Uh oh. Reba McEntire has found herself in the middle of not one but two different but connected lawsuits.

In October of 2011, Reba was set to perform at West Virginia’s Big Sandy Superstore Arena. While working on the stage, someone reportedly from Reba's crew was trying to untangle "a lighting truss and ceiling light fixture." The fixture ended up falling and hitting another worker on the head.   

The injured man, Ronald G. St. Clair, ended up filing suit in September of 2013 against McEntire and concert promoter AEG, claiming he was severely injured. 

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The lawsuit states, “As the lighting truss was being placed by Defendant John Doe [Reba's alleged crew member] using a mechanical lifting device, he dislodged the light fixture from the ceiling, causing it to fall approximately thirty-two feet, striking [St. Clair] about the head, neck and right shoulder before coming to rest on the floor of the arena.”

AEG responded to the suit by saying that they aren't responsible and have now filed a counter-suit against McEntire. The reasoning behind AEG's suit against Reba is that part of their contract with the singer states that she is responsible for any injuries her employees might cause. 

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Reba responded to the suit by saying that it wasn't anyone on her crew that caused the light fixture to fall and AEG should be held accountable. McEntire and her company are “completely without fault in this matter” court papers state.

The singer has asked that both suits be dismissed and if there is a judgment, that AEG be the only one held responsible. 

St. Clair, the injured man, is seeking an undisclosed amount of damages for pain, suffering, medical expenses, loss of income, and “loss of enjoyment of life.”