Rachele Lynae delivers unbridled power on self-titled debut–Album Review

Rachele Lynae album cover art

Very few newcomers make such a bold statement with their debut album as Rachele Lynae does with her sassy, loud, groovy self-titled disc. Via Momentum Label Group, the 26-year-old goes for broke on the album's 12 tracks, soaring to the peaks with infectious rock-based hooks and plummetting to the depths with heartfelt stories. It's a showing of a great artist when not one song is dead in the water. Each stands alone on its own merits, fused together with her spitfire charm and powerhouse Carrie Underwood-esque power vocals.

Sure, her material is akin to Miranda Lambert's edgy, off-the-cuff songbook, but Lynae makes sure to color outside of the lines in succinctly vibrant ways. She makes her own rules…and breaks them, just the same.

Country music is meant to leave you feeling inspired, and Lynae does that in spades. With songs like "Words In Red," Cigarette" and "Clean," especially, this singer-songwriter crafts perfectly memorable stories, steeped in tradition and peppered with emotionally-gripping delivery. She's able to take a soulful spin to her songs that is nearly unmatched by anyone else in the genre. When she focuses on the lyrics, that's when she shines the most. 

Of course, a proper set of songs wouldn't be quite the same without a few toe-tappers. The plucky magical opening song "Touch The Stars" rightly sets the mood, a love-strewn mid-tempo that certainly takes you for a ride. It's a light-hearted, breezy take on romanticism–free-wheeling and exuberant. Likewise, "Party Til The Cows Come Home" and "Sticky Summer Lovin'" are just as delightfully catchy.

Producer Jamie O'Neal makes an appearance on "Two For One Special," a Lambert-Underwood-style kiss-off. Lynae more than holds her own against O'Neal. Once the track begins, they don't let off the pedal, gassing down the pavement with unabashed sauciness. They take down a cheater, and everyone, everywhere should consider this a warning.

The industry has a way of failing its truly talented females, and Lynae is making sure that doesn't happen. What she does here is strike a remarkable balance between her fun and serious nature. With this set, she makes the world know that she's not messing around. She's here to stay, and we all should be so lucky to count her among our finest female vocalists. My only complaint? Radio needs to get onboard, and they need to do it now. Why wait?

Must-Listen Tracks: "Words In Red," "Clean," "Done Is Done"

Grade: A-

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