Perez Hilton Disses Country Music


Perez Twitter

Last night during the ACM's there was some major live tweeting happening. Fans, artists and writers took to twitter to let their opinions be known. The ACM's to a country music fan is kind of like The Superbowl to a football fan. It's a big night for us. However, Perez Hilton felt the need to be a sarcastic asshole via twitter.

He wrote:

Love seeing all the white people jamming out to the non-whitey! Represent for everyone else, Darius!!! #ACMAwards

They need to hire new writers for this show next year! #ACMAwards

Miranda couldn't wear anything better to perform in???? Not bad. Just boring outfit. #ACMAwards

The truck song is the song of the year? SMH! #ACMAwards

So it seems Perez Hilton is not satisfied with Miranda's outfit choice or Lee Brice's single "I Drive Your Truck." Surely he knows all about country music since he was born in Miami, FL (eye roll!) My response to his tweets? Well, where do I begin?

Lee Brice had one of the best songs of this year. The song is powerful, heart felt and perfectly written. It's not just a song about "a truck." You can shake your head all you want Mr. Hilton but millions of people everywhere relate to this song. Respect those who fight for our freedom and you can start by respecting songs dedicated to those people.

Also, nothing about Miranda Lambert is boring. She could perform in a damn garbage bag and still be gorgeous. Your heart is half the size of hers, after all beauty comes from within. I guess they don't teach that in Hollywood? In these parts we like to build people up not tear them down. We are all one big family, we have a passion for country music. Your welcome to join our family but leave your bullshit at the door. That is, if you can handle all of us "whiteys."

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