Note to self: Don’t ask Miranda Lambert for a photo


So witnessed some interesting things at the ACM's regarding Mrs. Blake Shelton and decided to research her behavior with fans a little bit more. I think the above video explains itself. Sure, she looks like she is in a hurry, but 2 seconds of your time for people that pay good money to see the shows or buy the music doesn't seem like too much to ask?

NOW, on the other end…I know when you go to set up gigs like meet n greets or Fanfest, she's been said to be a really good sport. So…if you want some good photo time with the queen cowgirl, there ya go.

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Update: As many of you have pointed out, this video is old. I actually had a post about this back in 2011 when it happened, but for some reason the video was re-posted at the beginning of March and Ashley, who wrote this post, saw the video for the first time then. I realize that many people have already seen the video previously, but it didn't really seem like a big deal to me to have a duplicate so here it is again. No need to gripe that it's old, I realize it is. Sometimes stories get rehashed. No biggie.