‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 19 – RECAP


Well, it’s been a few weeks since Nashville last appeared on our screens, so I think it’s high time for a recap, don’t you?

The Maddie Claybourne situation has blown up, and it’s hit the tabloids and the daytime talk shows, even though Maddie dutifully took the video down. Things are rocky for Rayna and Luke after the revelation, and he reveals that he’s loved her all these years, with Deacon being a sore spot as a result. Deacon meanwhile is hurting over the break-up with Megan and trashes the cabin where he is spending time alone, and where there is no cell service. Back in Nashville the press are hounding Rayna, Teddy and their daughters, and the former nearly takes out a press guy who tries to grab Maddie. Desperate, Rayna and Luke go looking for Deacon, who they cannot find at his house, but they go up to the cabin and assume he’s been drinking from the empty bottle on the lawn. Rayna asks him to come back to Nashville and make a statement with her and Teddy but he refuses because of the incident with Megan.

Confronting Teddy about his misdemeanor, he reacts badly, and Rayna wonders whether she should have told Deacon in the first place and stayed with him through his recovery, because is this life for Maddie really better than what she may have had originally? Rayna and Teddy sit down to talk with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America and fess up to the real story, but suddenly Deacon shows up unannounced and demands to join them just before live broadcast. He does a sweet thing, being honest about his addiction but how he loves being a father. Rayna goes back to visit him at the cabin and they have the conversation they had always needed to have: coming clean about the resentment they hold for each other after what happened.

Juliette is struggling with not being played on the radio, and thus not selling many tickets to her shows. Glenn suggests she talks to Charlie, as he’s also in Chicago, and that maybe sweet-talking him will help. She initially doesn’t appear sure, but after hearing that Avery is going to spend all day with Scarlett working on her album, Juliette seems to change her mind, and goes to see her old lover, with permission from her boyfriend. Charlie gets the wrong idea however, and kisses her after he agrees to help out. Juliette turns him down, but admits to Avery that he had tried to kiss her, although it’s clear that isn’t the whole story. Charlie and Avery face off

Scarlett’s mom shows up out of the blue, initially seeming all sweet and rosy, but we know that something sinister is going on. Jealous of her daughter’s fast-rising recording career, she tries to take over, pushing herself into every opportunity and even stealing the stage just before Scarlett’s soundcheck. Avery convinces Scarlett to be more honest with her mother, and following her mother freaking out when she finds Scarlett had known about Deacon’s daughter, for soundcheck she plays ‘Black Roses’, informing Beverly O’Connor who it was written about. The latter is furious, and chases Scarlett down the hall afterwards, shaking her and yelling at her, bullying her daughter. We see flashbacks of her childhood, and the abuse she suffered, and then Scarlett asking Juliette if she can have the night off. When Juliette refuses, she overdoses on amphetamines and downs a bottle of whiskey, before heading out on stage (despite Avery’s best efforts) and having a total panic attack.

Gunnar has received a royalty check for $400,000, and wants to splurge it on ridiculous things. But hearing Zoey talk about not having a professional demo instead prompts him to get her into the studio so she can further her career. Gunnar partially regrets helping his girlfriend out however, when he finds that their union as a band was popular, and he’s missing out on gigs because of it. Zoey then gets told she’ll need to go to LA to really make it as a back-up singer, and this causes friction between the two, as Gunnar wants her to stay in Nashville and be supported by him, and Zoey doesn’t want him to be her “sugar daddy”.

‘Nashville’ returns on Wednesday, April 30 at 10/9c on ABC. Only three more episodes to go!

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