Yikes! Luke Bryan’s merchandise dude disses George Strait big time

George Strait George Strait

Need a job? You might talk to Luke Bryan's people because I have a feeling they're going to have an opening for a merchandise person really, really soon. 

Last night, much of the country music world celebrated while George Strait took home the Entertainer of the Year award at the ACM Awards. I know that some people felt that the win was just given to Strait out of a sense of loyalty as it's likely the last time he'll be nominated for that particular award, but most people had sense enough to at least keep their opinions to themselves. 

Seriously, it's George Strait we're talking about here. 

Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, and Sheryl Crowe join George Strait on stage in Nashville

Unfortunately, Luke Bryan's merchandise guy, Hunter Jobes, apparently didn't get the memo about bite your tongue when it comes to George Strait because last night after Strait had taken home the coveted EOTY award rather than Luke Bryan, Hunter took to Twitter (screenshot) to vent. 

"It's called 'Entertainer of the Year' not 'How's Your Career'. Unreal ACM's. Not an entertainer."

Hey, I'm all for free speech and speaking your mind but yikes! Was Hunter the only one thinking this thought? I can guarantee you he wasn't, but some things are better left unsaid no matter how strongly you might feel about it. 

I bet you can guess what Hunter's Twitter account looks like now. Yep, it's gone. I guess he does have some common sense after all. 

Hunter jobes Twitter

[Radio Lia/Farce The Music]

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