LeAnn Rimes had surgery for a hangnail because rich people be crazy

LeAnn RimesPhoto: Twitter

Hangnails hurt like a bitch, I think we can all agree on that, but do they hurt enough to have surgery? 

Apparently LeAnn Rimes thinks they do. 

The singer tweeted on Monday that she was getting ready to have surgery … on a hangnail. 

"Seriously painful hang nail. About to have surgery at the derm. This is not going be very enjoyable!!"

Afterwards she tweeted, "Omg, that hurt! Numbing shots on your fingers are no bueno!  at least I don't feel any pain right now or my hand for that matter." 

Well okay then. If LeAnn required shots in her finger to remove a hangnail, she might want to consider a surrogate for all her future child-bearing needs. Just sayin'.

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In other LeAnn news, the singer is celebrating Christmas a little early this year and has revealed that she's been working on some Christmas music.

"Worked out arrangements 4 Xmas songs I'm recording tmrw w/ @darrellbrown SOOO excited about what we're creating for my Xmas project," she tweeted. She also posted a picture of some of the festive decorations. 

Sounds like fans can look forward to a nice Christmas album stocking stuffer from LeAnn this year.   

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