It’s another armadillo heist for Willie Nelson

Nelson armadilloOl' Dillo enjoying a Willie Nelson show – Facebook 

Wow! Ol' Dillo really gets around. 

For the second time in less than a year, the stuffed armadillo that's considered Willie Nelson's band mascot has found itself the victim of a sticky-fingered fan. 

On Monday, Ol' Dillo, a stuffed armadillo belonging to Willie's monitor engineer, Aaron Foye, was swiped while the singer was meeting fans after his Las Vegas-area show.

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According to the Associated Press, Nelson's crew realized the stuffed critter was missing after they had already hit the road. They called the venue to ask that surveillance footage be reviewed to see if it could be discovered who had swiped the armadillo.

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Luckily the dillo-napper had a change of heart and returned to the scene of the crime on Tuesday to hand over the missing mascot. 

Anyone else think that Willie and his crew should consider putting a tracking device in Ol' Dillo? Better yet, they should totally hook the little guy with one of those nanny cams and see what the heck goes on during these pretty regular outings the armadillo has.