Gloriana’s Rachel swears on new song


Rarely do country songs ever need to be censored. For the most part, we're a family friendly, god-fearing bunch of folks that never forget our please and thank yous, or sirs and ma'ams. But every so often, someone does something that really pisses us off and it brings out the sailor in us. All of a sudden, it's 'f this and f that,' and 'you're a shit head!'

Case in point, a new track from Gloriana's forthcoming album titled 'Trouble.' It's a song that Rachel Reinert not only co-wrote, but takes lead vocal on as well. I have to say, it kind of reminds me of Kelleigh Bannen's new song 'Famous.' They talk about this track, singing their whoa's in a garage (who doesn't LOVE a song with whoa?), and a ton more. Catch up with the trio below.

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