Was Dan + Shay singer Taylor Lautner’s stunt double?

Dan Smyers Dan Smyers

Okay, I admit that this is completely random and definitely not confirmed (and likely never will be), but I still find it entertaining anyway. 

Yesterday I had a story about Dan + Shay singer, Dan Smyers, getting into a car accident on Tuesday. As often happens, I ended up digging around the web and found things that had absolutely nothing to do with the original story, but tickled my fancy anyway. 

Like this – The Dan half of Dan + Shay may possibly have been Taylor Lautner's (Taylor Swift's ex, werewolf in Twilight movies) stunt double while the actor was filming Abduction back a couple of years ago. 

Okay, chances are he wasn't actually a stunt double (he doesn't appear in the movie's credits at all and Taylor's double is actually credited as Matthew Rugetti), but for some reason back in 2010 this Taylor Lautner fan site believed he was a stunt double and had even scheduled an interview with Smyers. I can't find the interview, so they maybe they discovered it was all a mixup. I do know that the film was shot at least partially in Pennsylvania and Dan is originally from Pennsylvania, so maybe he was an extra or something. 

I've put in an email asking about the off-the-wall rumor, but I'm pretty sure Dan's peeps will tell me that they have no idea what the heck I'm talking about. Just makes me wonder how the rumor got started in the first place.  

So also while I was digging around, I discovered that Dan was in a couple of different bands before finally hitting it big with Dan + Shay. He was in a punk band called Transition back as a teen and he looked like this: 

He was also in a Nashville-based rock/pop band called Bonaventure, who actually sounded pretty good. 


It's always interesting to see someone's musical journey before they ended up hitting it big.