Vince Gill to become a new grandpa

Vince and jennyPhoto: Facebook

A big congrats going out to Vince Gill whose daughter, singer Jenny Gill, announced on Facebook a couple of weeks back that she's pregnant. 

Thanks for all your posts!! Josh and I are so excited to be parents! I am 18 weeks along which makes me due in mid August. Will keep you posted 

According to Taste of Country, Jenny and her husband, Josh Van Valkenburg, married in 2010 but have known each other since they were kids. 

Vince Gill personally confronts Westboro Baptist picketers at his concert

As for the famous grandpa-to-be, a commentor on Jenny's Facebook post remembered back when he interviewed Vince and asked him if he was ready to be a grandparent. The singer said at the time, "If it happens, I'm all about it. I've earned it!"

Awww. Kids are great, but grandkids are even better. Grandkids are always happy to see you and you can send them home when they get grumpy and sticky. 

Jenny is the only child of Vince and his first wife, Janis Oliver. 

[Taste of Country]

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