Tyler Farr Gets ‘Redneck Crazy’ In Charlottesville, VA

Tyler farr

The rain was pouring down hard in Charlottesville, VA on March 29th. That didn't seem to stop country music fans from gathering outside the Jefferson Theatre awaiting the arrival of Missouri native Tyler Farr.

Tyler took the stage wearing a long sleeve camo shirt and a black leather vest. Also, in true Tyler Farr fashion he was sure to sport the ball cap look. He opened up with a song that was sure to get you fired up. "Camo Is The New Black" is one of the best songs I've heard in a very long time. His stage presence was solid and his vocals? Flawless. He was barely three songs in when someone decided to throw a opened full can of PBR onto the stage. "Stop the music for a second" he said with a look of rage on his face. "Who is the dumb son of a bitch that threw this? Security kick his ass out." I have been to hundreds of live shows and I have never seen such disrespect from fans, beer was all over the stage. Luckily, the show moved on quickly and Tyler continued as if nothing had happened.

He continued to perform songs like "I Ain't Even Drinkin'" and "Makes You Wanna Drink." However, the highlight of his set was when he covered Johnny Cash "Folsom Prison." He said with great admiration "When you lose the roots, you lose the genre." It was perfection at it's finest. Tyler Farr is a great entertainer, you won't find him shaking his ass like Luke Bryan or making 100 jokes during his set like Blake Shelton but you will find raw talent, compelling vocals and pure passion for country music. You can clearly see that he don't have to work to hard on stage, it just comes natural. It's like he don't perform because he wants it, he performs because he needs it. It's something that he was born to do. Like a lion is born to hunt, Tyler Farr was born to sing country music. His performance was incredible, flawless. When I see artists like Tyler Farr perform, it makes me have a little more faith in the direction of country music.


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