Trisha Yearwood: Matthew McConaughey can be my Walkaway Joe anytime

Matthew McConaughey Walkaway JoeYouTube

A few years ago I made the accidental discovery that a very fresh-faced Matthew McConaughey had starred in the video for Trisha Yearwood's Walkaway Joe. I know I wasn't the first person to realize this fact, but it was definitely news to me at the time. 

Skip ahead a few years and the actor is now an Oscar winner and Trisha is proud of the man who sexied up that early video. 

She tells

"He was cast from local talent in Austin, Tex., where the footage was shot," Yearwood tells PEOPLE. "The performance with Don Henley was shot in Nashville, so I never met Matthew. About 10 years ago, we were both at the Grammys and trying to connect but we kept missing each other – he was backstage when I was in the audience, and vice-versa." 

Still, Yearwood says she feels somewhat responsible for discovering his talents early on. "Honestly, I'm so happy to see him recognized for his work in Dallas Buyers Club," she says. "And if he ever wants to be in another Trisha Yearwood video, I won't make him audition."

How cool would it be if Matthew took Trisha up on her offer?

Check out the video for Walkaway Joe below.