Trace Adkins’ wife, Rhonda, files for divorce

Trace and rhonda

Holy smokes. Talk about when it rains it pours. 

After a year that has seen Trace Adkins enter rehab after a ship-board fight and his father then dyingTMZ is now reporting that Trace's wife, Rhonda, has filed for divorce. 

Rhonda, who has been married to Trace since 1997, filed the papers this week citing the standard "irreconcilable differences." According to TMZ, the couple separated on Monday. 

Rhonda is seeking primary residential custody of the couple's three daughters as well as child support and alimony – all standard stuff. What isn't quite as standard (or maybe it is, I don't know) is that Rhonda is also seeking to be named the sole beneficiary of Trace's life insurance policy. 

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So does that mean that Rhonda thinks Trace is doing something dangerous enough that she's going to need the life insurance policy sometime soon? Strange. 

Rhonda's timing's almost as sad as when Eddie Montgomery's wife waited until he was going through cancer treatment to file for divorce

Good thoughts going out to Trace and his entire family. Here's to hoping the rest of 2014 will be a bit happier for everyone.