Toby Keith has a big announcement coming today

Toby Keith big announcement

Yesterday, Toby Keith posted to Twitter that he had a big announcement coming in 24 hours. 

It's now nearly the 24-hour mark, which means that the big news should be hitting any time now. 

I'm thinking that Toby may finally be announcing that he's getting into the wrestling biz, a rumor that's been circulating for a few months now. And why do I think this? Well one thing that gives it away is when you click the picture Toby posted on Twitter, the web address that pops up has both and Jeff Jarrett in the link. Jeff Jarrett is the founder of TNA Wrestling.

I'll say one thing for Toby Keith, the boy knows how to keep his businesses diversified. 

I'll let you guys know what the big news officially is once I know. 

Update: The big announcement is Toby Keith's new tour for this year, the Shut Up and Hold On Tour. You can read about that here. On a side note, I see what I did now with regards to the above link. I followed a link on to the Toby Keith tweet and so all of that ended up showing up in the link that I posted above.

What can I say? You win some and you lose some.  

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