TMJ forces LeAnn Rimes to cut show short

LeAnn RimesPhoto: Twitter

LeAnn Rimes has had her fair share of mouth problems (Yeah, I could enter a joke here but am holding back) over the last couple of years, and even sued her dentist at one point

And it looks like she's still having problems with that area of her body. 

On Saturday, LeAnn took the stage at the Choctaw Casino in Oklahoma but had to cut the show short due to jaw pain. 

After the show, she tweeted

I can definitely feel her pain … vicariously anyway. 

Travis Tritt fills in for a sick LeAnn Rimes

Funny story – My husband and I had been married for like two years (way back a hundred years ago) and my husband decided to go out with a bunch of friends for the night. Hubby got falling down drunk and when he got home he ended up in the bathroom puking his guts out (served him right). A while later, he starts yelling at me while he's still in the bathroom. When I crawled out of bed and went in to see what the problem was, there was my 20-something husband sitting in the tub fully dressed (no water, thank goodness) with his mouth wide open. When he tried to tell me what was happening, he couldn't move his mouth. 

Like at all. 

So here's my drunk-ass husband trying super hard to tell me what was going on and all that came out was some comical "mwah mwah mwah" sounds because his mouth was stuck open super wide.

Don't think it's funny? Watch this BBC video.

It was sad, but was still the funniest thing I think I'd ever saw. I still chuckle when I think about it.

We ended up at the ER and they eventually fixed him up. Let me tell you, the doctor was highly impressed with my drunken-mess of a husband and his stuck-jawed attempts at joking. Turns out his jaw had popped out of place and got stuck while he was puking his guts out. 

It did happen once or twice more (not due to alcohol), but hasn't for many years now. 

So yeah, LeAnn, my husband definitely feel your pain.