Think Taylor will write a break up song about her publicist?


The world wide superstar that is Taylor Swift ended what could easily be her longest relationship today by going her separate way from her publicist of almost seven years, Paula Erickson

According to a Billboard exclusive, the resignation of Erickson Public Relations founder Paula Erickson, who has been there with Swift helping shape her good girl image since 2007, led to a decision to bring PR operations in-house via management company 13 Management.

Erickson signed with the star right as she began the huge climb to the top of the  charts with her adorable first album. During their relationship, Erickson championed through some big moments with Swift including hosting Saturday Night Live, that almost childish reaction to a mild Tina Fey joke and all those award show performances.

So with the new crew of friends Taylor has been hanging out with you can't help but wonder if this move was to help build a new image.I mean Cara Delevingne, Karli Kloss and Lorde aren't bad…but aren't exactly squeaky clean.  And she does have that new album out later this year that probably will cut any hope of her holding on to any country sound at all. so yeah..there's that.

 Billboard had some fancy PR person tell them:

“Taylor will have her pick of top-shelf publicists, but the challenge is finding that person you know and trust. Bringing PR in-house assures that person is directly involved in advising on what needs to be done and what doesn’t.”

Well there you have it. I'm sure Taylor will do fine no matter which new(I won't say one) direction she takes. (Insert corny Taylor Swift lyric of your choice here)

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