The little girl Gary Allan is helping out is too cute for words

Little Addie laughing

Last month I told you about how Gary Allan was stepping in to help a family who had been scammed by a guy promising to get Jason Aldean to play a benefit concert for their little girl who had been diagnosed with cancer. 

Today, I watched a video of Little Addie on the local news. Her mom was talking about how a local good samaritan had anonymously donated $3000, the amount the family was scammed out of, to help with Addie's care. You should watch the video because it's a great story, but more you should watch it because little Addie is too dang cute and her laugh will make your whole day better!

I'm happy to report that Gary Allan is officially the sexiest man in country music

Allan will be playing an acoustic concert to raise money for the family on March 25. You can find out how to help even if you can't go to the concert here.

[WLKY video]

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