The dark world of country music fandoms…


Okay…fandoms are the ability for people to feel connected over an appreciation of an artist and their talent and join together like a family. Did I get that right? That was totally just my own definition of it. Okay…so it sounds harmless, right? But that's where the that whole family thing turns into an big Italian family…like mafia style, when something or someone questions anything to do with that artist(s) in what they deem a negative light. Which can often times be subjective. And it doesn't just happen to bloggers or TV/Radio personalities…no it happens within their said fandoms, too. Yup…I've surveyed the scene of the inside of a couple and it gets ugly. So here's this "family" you think you're apart of and then you share an opinion they don't agree with and they cut you off in a very aggressive and public way. Almost sounds like a cult now, huh? I mean let's face it…anyone who is THAT involved in a fandom probably didn't get enough hugs as a child.

So, instead of capitalizing on the negativity of fan bases, let's put our heads together and think of the Top 5 fan bases or fandoms that help promote the good of the artist and their actions?! Leave a comment below with your thoughts! The Top 5 may even be eligible for a prize…hence the word may.

What do YOU think?!

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