The Bro-Country debate continues…


Carrie Underwood wasn't afraid to talk about it and now Jennifer Nettles has a message for radio programmers, "If you don't have mutation on any radio format, but I'm speaking specifically about country, we're all going to have three legs and lots of really weird inbreeding," Nettles joked in a recent interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "Artistically, everybody needs to diversify if we're going to survive."

Interesting way to put it, but point proven. Nettles, who is being joined about another strong star power female solo artist on tour, Brandy Clark. You have to wonder if it's a case of right person, wrong timing for Brandy. She's struggling to gain momentum on social sites and radio airwaves even though she is bar none of the best vocalists and talents out there.

And now the LA Times is even weighing in on it.  Stating Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, and Eric Church as the poster boys for this new stage in country music. Click to read their article.

What's YOUR take on Bro-Country?! More of it or go away?

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