Taylor Swift does some pre-Oscar partyin’



Despite having a song on a soundtrack this year, Taylor wasn't nominated for an Oscar….but that isn't going to stop her from embracing all the Oscar time shenanigans! Taylor hooked up with recent BFF Jamie King at the The Weinstein Company's Academy Award party hosted by Chopard and DeLeon Tequila at Montage Beverly Hills on March 1, 2014 in Beverly Hills, California.

So, wait…they have musical performances at the Oscars right? Cause I'm down to see Taylor Swift shakin' what her mama gave her!

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  1. Alley@yahoo.com'

    No thank you. I would rather listen to people who can actually sing on key than suffer through another annoying tonedeaf Taylor performance. Her song was bubble gum pop drivel and had no place near the Oscars. Glad the voters had a clue.

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