Sorry guys but I’ve removed the Jason Aldean posts

When I wrote the two Jason Aldean posts about him still seeing Brittany Kerr, the lady he was caught cheating with while he was still married, and why I felt there was a double standard in the way fans treated him and the way they treated LeAnn Rimes, I wasn't quite ready for the shit storm that followed. 

I've handled angry fans before, many times in fact, but this was just plain ridiculous. I'm not Perez Hilton, I can't handle hundreds of people coming at me like I'm some demon seed because I've made an observation. When I wrote the posts I wasn't trying to ruin anyone's life and the fact that people seemed to think I had the ability to do that to Jason was kind of laughable. 

That said, I still stand by my thought that Jason got off easy for some reason with regards to his cheating scandal and that he is still dating someone he tried to convince fans meant nothing to him. Honestly, though, I just don't give a shit enough to keep fighting with people who want to attack me personally simply because I have an opinion that they don't agree with.

It's always funny to me that I can spend 99.9% of my time kissing the ass of these stars and giving them free publicity and oohing and awwing about whatever their people want me to ooh and aww about, but say one negative thing or have an opinion that deviates from the norm and bam, fans turn like a pack of hungry hyenas. 

This is one of those stories that people would probably be surprised to see who has been feeding me information, what pictures I've had sent to my inbox, and the other info that I chose not to divulge. Hell, fans would probably be pretty surprised at the stories I could write about many of their favorite singers, but whatever. I'm just a cold-hearted bitch trying to ruin Jason Aldean's life.

I'd probably laugh if it wasn't so sad.   

Update: TMZ now has a story about Jason dating Jessica so I've put my two stories back up