So, why didn’t Dierks Bentley’s truck Big White make ‘I Hold On’ video appearance?


If you've seen a Dierks Bentley video odds are you've seen his beloved white truck. The truck that the song 'I Hold On' is actually based about. But if you seen the video for 'I Hold On' you may have noticed…it's MIA(or missing in action).

Come to find out…there's a logic behind it.  Mr. Bentley wanted the guy in the video to be a younger version of himself. He  wanted the guy to be on a similar journey from playing honky tonks to  eventually playing arenas…a story line if you will…so obviously the truck wouldn't have entered the picture until the timing was right. A-ha! Mystery solved.

Dierks tells ABC News  Radio, "We kind of went out of our way to get a different guy with dark  hair, and that's why I got the Ford instead of the Chevy just to like  not draw – – he's having his own experience and not me. I've had a lot  of people comment on that."

Something that meant a lot to him was to include elements of Americana to really put emphasis on the line "faith, love  and freedom" in the song. It's a mini tribute to all the small towns he has  discovered touring the country.

"You  drive through small towns and storefronts and cafes and barber shops  and American flags,"  Dierks says. "I wish I had started from very  beginning taking pictures of American flags in these random locations  I've seen them all over the country — on the sides of barns and in  front yards and on silos."


The song has so much power and impact behind it and the video really nails it. Haven't seen it? Well…what are you waiting for!?

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