So why did Brad Paisley accept an invite to perform for Obama….twice?!


While Brad Paisley may remain tight lipped on just who he voted for or what political party he belongs to (which let's face it, is probably a smart move), he isn't bashful about accepting an invite or two to perform for President Obama at the White House. He's a two time performer at that gig and also performed at an inaugural gala last year.

Brad gives some insight on those special White House performances in a new Nashville Scene interview. He says, “If you don’t agree with this administration, or  with any administration, or with Congress, or with issues, boycotting  things is not going to help."

Brad Paisley's selfie of presidential proportions!

Brad continues, "Declining the  invitation to play something like the inauguration would be a slap in  the face to our democracy. It would be a missed opportunity for country  music to be present.”

And to that I say….God Bless America.

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