So it turns out country music already has it’s first openly gay star

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Ever since the day Chely Wright came out as a lesbian and then made such a big deal about country music as a whole not accepting her because of her announcement, I've been on the lookout for someone I thought might just be able to prove that country fans care about good music and not about a person's orientation. 

Yes, it's been my private mission to prove Chely Wright wrong. 

It's not as if I actually care if someone is gay, because I really don't, but rather I've been hoping that someone would come along who could show the world that the country music fan base isn't just a collection of bigoted rednecks who would hate a person simply because they're gay. Unfortunately, Chely, despite being brave in her coming out and I'm sure being a lovely person in real life, didn't help matters at all by documenting on a regular basis how she felt the country community had turned its back on her. 

Since then, NashvilleGab has featured several different stories regarding gay country singers. It's not like we have a gay agenda around here or anything like that, it just isn't a subject that I or any of my other writers shy away from. 

That said, I've still been looking and keeping my ears and eyes open for the time when someone would break through and be popular and talked about and have great music and would just happen to also be gay. 

Turns out that person is already here. 

Brandy-clarkBrandy Clark – Slate Creek Records

Brandy Clark is pretty, an amazingly talented singer and songwriter, and since releasing her debut album "12 Stories" last October, she's been the resident country music "it" girl. It seems that people, both country fans and country stars alike, can't stop raving about her. 

Brandy also happens to be openly gay. 

"I would love for there to be a time where that wasn't even a talking point," Clark recently told JS Online. "This is part of me, but I'm not out there waving a flag. I'm just trying to make great music." 

Brandy Clark thinks the tides are turning for women

And great music is what's she's making. 

Listening to the songs that Brandy has had a hand in writing, there doesn't seem to be anything that's a favorite subject. From Miranda Lambert's Mama's Broken Heart to The Band Perry's Better Dig Two and right on up to Kacey Musgraves' Follow Your Arrow, Brandy's music runs a wide range of subject matter. One thing's for certain, though, Brandy's personal life doesn't seem to have much bearing on what she chooses to write about.  

"I don’t write songs for straight people or gay people or black people or white people." Brandy tells the Washington Post, “I write songs for people. I want them to put themselves in these songs. I would feel that way if I was straight.”

Brandy may still have a ways to go before she's considered an actual mainstream star in her own right, and maybe she'll never get to Miranda Lambert or Taylor Swift's part of the atmosphere, I still think my personal mission to find someone to help prove Chely wrong may finally be over. And for that I'm happy as can be.  

Brandy, who will hopefully continue to be country music's resident "it" girl, will be making her debut on "Ellen" Monday, March 24. Until then, fans can download her debut album on iTunes and find out why everyone seems to be in love with Brandy Clark these days. 


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    If you don’t want it to be a “talking point”, why do you announce it? Keep it to yourself- we don’t care what you do in your bedroom so stop making it an issue.

    1. Shannon

      This article is from 2014. Just sayin’

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