Rapper Lil Wayne praises Willie Nelson’s good soul in new interview

Lil wayne Lil wayne

                                                           Lil Wayne/Willie Nelson 

Willie Nelson has collaborated with rapper Snoop Dogg in the past, so it should come as no surprise that other rappers might dig Nelson, too. Still, I have to admit that it's strange to hear a rapper say that he wants to be like Willie. 

Or, in this case, have a career like Nelson. 

Rapper Lil Wayne recently mentioned Willie while talking about his career and how he'd like to be remembered. 

Willie Nelson really has worked with everyone. Listen to him duet with Sinead O'Connor

He tells Rap Radar (via HipHopDX): 

“I would just say I would like to be remembered as a humble, good soul. A good spirit. A good soul,” Lil Wayne said. “[A] thing like that. You know what I mean? Like a…a Willie Nelson. You know? Just remembered as everybody fuck with you. Like A Snoop Dogg. You know what I mean? Before I used to be shooting for more of a Biggie, Biggie/Pac/Jay type title. I used to shoot for that. But now I think my history already done that. You know what I mean? So, now I just—I wanna just be remembered as ‘Man, that nigga was cool. He did great ass music and that’s who he is. Period.’”

Okay, so that whole part after Lil Wayne mentions Willie's good soul is kind of a blur of WTF, but it's still a testament to how cool Willie really is that even rap artists are coveting his career and his good soul.