‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 16 – RECAP


Following the drama of last week, Nashville was back with a bang in episode 16, as we begin to inch towards the season’s climax. Rayna was on the warpath this week, discovering Liam was sleeping with Scarlett and firing him, after a conversation where Scarlett admitted she was falling for him, and firing Tandy after her poor keeping of the books led to cheques bouncing and The Cadillac Three choosing to sign with Big Machine instead of Highway 65. Refusing to have people around her who break her trust, Luke is back and tries to convince Rayna that she needs to deal with the pain of her father’s death, but of course she continues to bottle and just be generally angry at everyone. 

Juliette is courting offers from a ton of major record labels who want to turn her into a popstar, but she doesn’t want to go in that direction. A surprise comes when Edge Hill try and get her back on their roster, and although her hatred of Jeff has her initially rejecting them, he offers her an imprint (meaning creative control) and a producer deal for Avery, and she accepts, hesitant but going to sign the contract. Avery, feeling emasculated because Juliette always pays for dinner and he’d be “riding on her coattails” with the deal, turns it down, so Juliette again goes to sign minus the Avery portion but realizes that not only does Jeff not respect her, but that Avery wouldn’t respect her either if she signed back with Edge Hill. So she rips up the contract, instead going to Rayna and asking if she will sign her. Rayna accepts (how long have we seen that coming for?!).

Avery’s generally in a bad mood during this episode, his pre-occupation with Juliette and Gunnar generally being annoying leads Avery to be put off by his friend’s overzealous enthusiasm about their new band. Gunnar has booked rehearsal space but Avery bails, turning up to play their first gig but not before the two get into an altercation that Zoey has to try and calm down. Elsewhere Layla is struggling with her career, as her single tanked, her opportunity in LA fell flat and Jeff is looking to drop her. Distraught while Will’s career is going places, his song ‘What If I Was Willing’ creating a real buzz at radio, Will tries to help her but his efforts are fruitless. After attempts at sex that don’t work either Layla assumes responsibility and reveals that she was a virgin saving herself for marriage before she met Will. What’s sweet here is that we start to see him really looking after his girlfriend, and hopefully their friendship will soften the blow when he’s forced to tell her that he’s gay.

Meanwhile Deacon is on the road in Virginia playing with his band, when he attends a local AA meeting and bumps into an old friend who used to be a backing singer for Rayna on the tour. They hang out together and share some home truths, and that evening the woman professes her romantic interest in him, which he denies because of Megan. At the same time, that whore is screwing Teddy in her car, because she’s found him drunk at work after he’s discovered the truth about Peggy’s miscarriage, and I guess a drunk, broken man is just sooo attractive, in fact irresistible. Why can’t these people keep it in their pants?! But guess what, Megan goes home and acts like nothing happened to Deacon, who is all loved up like the golden-hearted man he is.

Well that was a little more concise than previous weeks! ‘Nashville’ episode 17 airs on March 12th at 10/9c on ABC.

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