Miranda Lambert’s new album ‘Platinum’ gets a release date

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert.com/James Minchin III

Update: I've been told by Miranda's label that the release date isn't actually May 6 and that they will be announcing album news Monday on Good Morning America. I'll let you know the official release date once I have all the details.  

Update 2: The real release date and album cover can be found here.

Last month we learned that Miranda Lambert's next album would be called 'Platinum'. Now it looks like we have a release date also. 

This morning on Twitter, @epicamends pointed the way towards 102.1 The Bull who has a list of upcoming releases. One of those releases was Miranda Lambert's 'Platinum' which has May 6 marked as the lucky day. 

So who is joining me on the I'm-way-too-excited-for-my-own-good train?

If you want to find out what songs are confirmed and/or rumored for Platinum, you can check out Windmill's Music for more info

'Platinum' will be Miranda's fifth studio album. The debut single, Automatic, is available to download from iTunes and Amazon now.

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