Miranda Lambert reveals album artwork and release date for Platinum

Miranda Lambert platinum

After reporting the wrong release date yesterday for Miranda Lambert's fifth studio album (I originally reported May 3. Yeah, it happens) 'Platinum', today we finally found out the correct date – June 3. 

Miranda Lambert is supposed to make a stop over at Good Morning America this morning to reveal the big news, but I just happened to spot the new album artwork and real release date on her website. 

Update: According to a release by the AP, Lambert revealed that the album contains 16 (!) songs. Holy moly. There is also a collaboration with Carrie Underwood on a song called  Something Bad

I! Can't! Wait!!!

Oh, and what a beautiful album cover. 

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  1. DreamKrazy

    This will be her 6th studio album. 5th with SonyNashville.

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