Maybe we’re never ever ever getting back together was a bit hasty?



It's pretty easy to connect the dots recently. First, it was confirmed the two mega famous and wealthy 20 something superstars were caught chattin' it up a la friendly style at the Pre-Oscar party, then the pit stop in Nashville and now this! Now here's where you've got to get creative. Harry recently was known to venture out on a little solo action by helping John Legend write a song for the Voice stars..Alex and Sierra…well Sierra just posted a photo that sources are claiming is Taylor's cat Meredith.  What's the big deal right?

Well the big deal is…Taylor has no other connection to the duo other than Harry. So there you have it. Harry and Taylor are engaged and she's pregnant with his love child…isn't that how the media works?

Theory number two is: Harry introduced Ed Sheeran to Alex and Sierra and Ed connected Taylor with them…because well…. Ed and Taylor are secretly a couple. This is far more believable…hello, ever heard of Sweeran?!

Okay…the whole purpose of this post is when it all comes to light, I want to be able to say…"you heard it here first"

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