Luke Bryan talks about the time he saved Eric Church from a shark


Hmm. Luke Bryan's apparently a hero. 

Back in January, I told you the story of how Eric had gotten into spear fishing thanks to Zac Brown. I was fascinated by the fact that Zac and Eric were friends enough to vacation together. 

Turns out Eric sort of vacations with everyone. 

Luke Bryan co-hosted the Country Countdown with Lon Helton back in January and continued Eric's spear-fishing adventure story, but this time with a twist that involved Eric nearly getting eaten by a shark!

Okay, that may be a bit dramatic, but there was a shark involved. 

Luke Bryan's Shakin' gets the world searching for more

Luke joked with Lon, “I could have let that shark knock out some of my competition in the chart."

He went on, "Anyway, we knew Eric was down there, so my wife and I came down there, and he’s big time into spear-fishing. We get to the beach, and the sun is setting. I’d never done spear-fishing, so I put my goggles on, my goggles start fogging up, and it’s getting dark, and you can’t see any fish. So I went back to shore, and I promise you, I saw a tail. I watched that beach all day and I can tell the difference between a porpoise and a shark, and this looked like a shark. So I just yelled it, and seeing Eric’s head pop out of the water with a snorkel, and when he came in, he was a little whiter than usual. I was thinking I could have let the shark take him out, and I could have picked up some Eric Church fans. But we had a great day. I’m sure we’ll try it again some day. It’s like going to the grocery store and picking out your grouper, ‘Yes I’ll have him for dinner.’”

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Yeah, I think I'll go ahead and just stick with an actual grocery store, thank you very much.