Kelly Clarkson is cookin’ up more than just a baby!


Aside from being pregnant and focusing on that, Kelly Clarkson is also working on a new album that  set for release later this year. Yes you read that right…later THIS year.  And according to one of her  recording engineers talk, the new music will be a little different from  what we've come to expect from the Grammy-winning singer.

Jesse Shatkin, songwriter, producer and recording engineer, is also working on her new album.  He tells the website MuuMuse that the songs she's choosing sound "a little left-of-center and cool." 

And when asked to elaborate on that, said  "One of [the songs]  is kind of an electronic banger, but it has kind of a haunting melody  that I think she was attracted to," says Shatkin, adding that Kelly's  "really open-minded" when it comes to trying out new sounds.

The new album, when it's released, will be Kelly's official follow-up to Stronger

Well…I was rather hoping she'd have full on released a country sounding album…but as always…very much looking forward to ANY music Kelly puts out! Annnnnd excited about her lil bundle of joy entering the world, too!

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    When I saw her in concert last summer, she said that she was working on both a pop and a country album. She’s probably just spacing out the releases, so we should get the country album eventually 🙂

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