Joe Nichols gets Biblical with his tattoos

Joe Nichols tattoos
Photo: Country Countdown

Joe Nichols is sporting some cool new ink (well new back in December), and you might be surprised at what he got tattooed on his body.

Last December, Joe co-hosted the Country Countdown with Lon Helton and showed off his new Biblical tatts.

“On my right arm, I have Psalm 91, which is basically, Seek refuge in God, I’ll make you feel rested.  So when I feel tired, I look down at Psalm 91, and I feel rejuvenated,” he said.

“On my left arm, I have Isaiah 11:11, which is “The Lord shall set his hand out a second time and re-gather his people.” To me, it means that sometimes I feel like the remnants of a person, and God reaches out for me and makes me whole again. Brings me together.”


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