Is Jason Aldean still seeing the woman he got busted kissing in a bar two years ago?

Well, well, well. Here's a question for you … is Jason Aldean still seeing Brittany Kerr, the woman who, while surely not the main cause, certainly helped usher in the end of Jason's long-time marriage? 
In the wise words of the Magic 8-BallSigns point to yes. 

Back in 2012, Jason's life basically imploded when he was caught on camera in a California bar kissing on a woman who wasn't his wife of many years, Jessica. The pictures ended up on TMZ and the world found out what Jason had done. I don't think most people were overly surprised that a celebrity would cheat, but still it was surprising to see it out there and so dang blatant. 
Jason's tonsil-hockey partner was revealed to be NBA cheerleader and former American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr.
Jason Aldean kissing BrittanyJason kissing Brittany Kerr – photo via TMZ 
Jason and his wife, Jessica, put up a united front at first, but the togetherness was short-lived and the two filed for divorce in April of 2013
Aldean's single now so it's not exactly surprising to learn that he might have a girlfriend, what is surprising is that it looks like Jason may still be seeing Brittany, the girl who played at least a small part in the crumbling of his marriage.  
Last night I received this email:
Jason Aldean & Brittany Kerr have been seen together quite a bit lately. Brittany was out on the road with him the weekend of March 1st. Taylor Higgins who is Chipper Jones girlfriend posted a picture of her w/Brittany backstage on her Instagram. … 
Also, she was at his show back in January in Austin when he was with George Strait. Guess she thought if she wore a cap nobody would notice her?? So…has Jason been lying to everyone and he really did leave his wife and kids for her? Will he get the same treatment that Leann Rimes did at country radio? 
Here's the picture mentioned above of the hat-wearing Brittany reportedly in the audience at Jason's January concert. 
Brittany Kerr at Jason Aldean concert
And here's a clear picture of Brittany (she's the one in the middle) with the girlfriend (right) of Jason's good friend, pro baseball player Chipper Jones.
(Update on the below picture. The gal who posted it to Instagram removed the picture from Instagram. Some people don't seem to understand that and think I did something wrong with the picture)

The picture above (which has since been removed from Instagram) was posted a week ago and the caption reads: Blondes have more fun!
More fun indeed.
You can see that Brittany and the gal on the left clearly have Jason Aldean VIP passes. The reported Brittany in the first picture is also sporting a pass. 
Here's the thing, I'm not surprised that Jason's dating considering he's a single man now, but does it seem disrespectful or at least a bit suspicious that he would now be dating the woman who he was caught (and was seemingly remorseful about at the time) kissing while still married?  
Am I the only one who wonders if he ever quit seeing her? More importantly, am I the only one who cares?
When Jason's unfaithfulness hit the news two years ago, Brittany went into hiding and swore that she didn't know Jason was still married while Jason promptly went into damage control mode. I even defended Brittany because of how odd it was that she was painted as a whore while fans seemed to forgive Jason before he even asked for forgiveness.  
"The truth is that I screwed up. I had too much to drink, let the party get out of hand and acted inappropriately at a bar," Jason sadly stated during a Robin Roberts interview after everything had settled down. 
But now that Brittany is (allegedly) being photographed at Jason's concerts, it has me wondering if everything before was just an act.  
This is one of those stories that just kinda hits me strangely. 
What do you think? 

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    Wow…What a jerk!

  2. Shes_undermine

    I think it’s his business and people need to stay out off.

    Ur cool

    I think he needs to grow up, and act like a man!!! He’s forgetting who comes first in his life. His girls should come first, he should be with someone their going to like. Do you REALLY think they safe gonna wanna hang with the chick that messed up their happy little family. He needs to quit thinking with the wrong head!! His fame comes first. Good luck with all that jason aldean!


    Who cares. Really. Who cares.
    The Kissing scandal was a huge blow to his career. Luke Bryan scooped up all the awards Jason should have gotten that year. It was that damaging.
    He’s divorced (or almost?) now. It’s not our business. I would just like to point out that Blake Shelton was married when he hooked up with Miranda Lambert. Things happen.
    Idk who is running Jason’s PR but they should be fired.

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