Jamie Lynn Spears set to marry on Friday?

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I still think of Jamie Lynn Spears as the cute little teen my kids watched on Zoey 101 years ago, but at 22 and with a kindergarten-aged daughter, she's definitely not cute little Zoey anymore. 

And now she's about to become a bride. 

According to ContactMusic, Britney Spears' baby sister, not to mention up-and-coming country singer, is ready to tie the knot with her fiance Jamie Watson as soon as tomorrow. 

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The site says that Jamie and Jamie (no, that's not a typo) have obtained their marriage license in Louisiana and their gift registry page at Bed, Bath & Beyond lists March 14 (Friday) as their wedding date. Jamie Lynn's famous sister was even spotted catching a flight to Louisiana. 

Congrats to the couple if the reports are true.