It pays to be nice to your fans, just ask Brett Eldredge


So with an ACM New Artist of the Year nomination, many might want to know how Mr. Eldredge pulled it off? But if you ask the fans that Brett has spent much time interacting with, they know how.

Speaking  of the fans who voted him into that category, Brett tells ABC News  Radio, "All those late night I'm like, sitting on Twitter and Facebook,  like, talking with my fans. Like, 'I'm up at 1 a.m. Is anybody else up?'  Then all of a sudden 40 people hit you up, 'I'm just getting ready to  start the second shift.'"

Brett goes on to say this nomination is a huge step in his career.

"If  I could go up there and win that and share it with my fans, that would  be a cherry on top of the cake," he says before reconsidering that  statement. "I don't know if it's on the cake. Whatever it's on."

Brett is up against the Moore boys(Kip and Justin) for Best New Artist Of The Year…so be sure to tune in to the ACMs and see how he does!

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