Dustin Lynch Knows “Where It’s At”



One of the most beautiful men in country music is back with a brand new single from his upcoming sophomore album. Dustin Lynch is known for being a flirt and even his prior radio singles have a flirty feel to them, however, this time around he took a different approach. "Where It's At" is a up beat song that has catchy lyrics. The melody is smooth and the song has a bit of sweetness to it. It's safe to say… Dustin's new single is where it's at.

Dustin Lynch learns a new chugging technique

"It ain't in a suped up shiny red new truck if she ain't to my right, it ain't in a dive bar a tall can of PBR poppin' tops rockin' all night..as good as it gets no that ain't where it is"

Dustin's new single will hit country radio on March 31st and iTunes on April 15th. Check out DL's new single below.


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