Courtney Cash, great niece to Johnny Cash, found murdered inside a box in Tennessee home

Courtney CashCourtney Cash photo courtesy WSMV

It always gives me a strange feeling when I get a statement regarding a tragedy before I've heard anything about the tragedy that prompted the statement. 

It happened just now. I have a cold and have been taking it easy this morning. Now I'm sitting here and I received a statement in my email inbox regarding a tragedy in the Cash (as in Johnny) family. Strangely enough, I hadn't heard about any tragedy and the statement didn't tell what happened. I had to go and find out the details myself.

It's always surreal working backwards on this sort of story.   

The statement read: 

“We ask for your prayers for the Cash family at this time.  Courtney and her boyfriend are beloved members of my family and like you we have a lot of questions and emotions that we are beginning to sort through today. We ask for you to respect our privacy and appreciate all the support that the public and media has always offered my family, as we handle the loss of my grand-daughter, pray for the father of my great-grand child and journey through the search for justice on this violent act. We are completely heartbroken. It is a time like this that we are grateful for our faith and trusting the loving guidance of God.”
 Tommy Cash

Wow. So I went looking and couldn't find anything. So odd. Then I found a piece on Fox 17's website that had a title that read Johnny Cash Relative Found Dead in Box in Putnam County

Turns out that yesterday, Wednesday, March 19, Courtney Cash, the great-niece to Johnny Cash, was found dead and stuffed in a box in a home in Putnam County

Police say a woman in her 20's was found in a box, though they cannot yet confirm the cause of death. Another victim, a male of unknown age, named William Johnson, is at Vanderbilt Hospital receiving treatment for a gunshot wound. A child was also found at the home. 

According to the report, a suspect is in custody but has not been charged with a crime. 

How awful. My prayers go out to the entire Cash family and the family of Courtney's boyfriend. It's a crazy world we live in. 

Update: According to WSMV, 27-year-old Wayne Gary Masciarella has been taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder. Apparently there was a fight and things got out of hand. 

"It appears there was an altercation, but to what extent … I'm not free to go into that right now, but there was certainly some kind of altercation," said Putnam County Sheriff David Andrews.

Now police are waiting for the autopsy results to figure out more of what happened. 
So, so tragic.